Polska baza nurkowa i turystyczna na Bali

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Our most popular types of flights

Shared flight

800 PLN
You will share the flight experience with other passengers who booked their flight at the same time. The basket can accommodate 5 people including pilot. Prices per person: 800 PLN (monday-friday) 900 PLN (weekends and…

Private flight

2000 PLN
Don’t want to share your flight with other passengers? Reserve the whole hot air balloon! Monday-Thursday: 2 passengers: 2000 PLN 3 passengers: 2500 PLN 4 passengers: 3000 PLN Weekends and holidays: 2 passengers: 2300 PLN…

Family flight

2300 PLN
We have a special offer for families: 2300 PLN for parents and two kids if they are no older then 14 years. Price for weekends and holidays is 2500 PLN. The above prices apply to…